Eclats de vers

My first poetry collection. Printemps des poètes 2021 selection, Librairie Georges, Talence

10/10/20211 min read

My first collection was published at the end of 2020. It was selected for the Printemps des Poètes at the Georges bookshop in Talence.


I'm under the spell of your spontaneity, of the profound simplicity that emanates from these little marvels.

Wonderful wordplay. Beautiful style.

Every morning we travel with you as we read one of your poems.

Authentic style, words with soul.

Thank you for your gift to us.

Thank you for this moment of escape... Poetic writing that plays with words!

Thank you, artist. Beautiful pen, the mind travels with your words and feeds on them with delight...

I'll hang on to each of your bursts of verse, inspired by your sidereal arabesques, and I'll pick up this wonderful blend... Thank you for showing us the stars.