Artiste peintre


As a painter born of the abstract art movement and school, I threw myself wholeheartedly into a sea of colors, the better to splash my canvases with waves of emotion.

I'm not trying to describe or recount the reality of human beings and their surroundings, but to construct my own universe without any reference to reality.

Inspired by all forms of abstraction, whether lyrical, imaginary or geometric.

"A desire for harmony

between colors"

I work mainly with acrylics, using knives and sponges.

Less conventional objects are sometimes transformed into technical supports for the duration of a painting.

Qui suis-je ?


My artistic approach allows me to get involved intellectually, to push myself further to experiment, to build on my own, and above all to imagine...

Each of my paintings reflects a desire for harmony between colors.

An open window on my intimate kaleidoscope, the light and shade of my creations burst forth in a burst of vitality.

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